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Like A Tattoo

…So this is it Looking back over my shoulder It feels like I'm hit Like a car just ran me over Cause we can't go there Back to where we started in the first place I try so hard now But maybe I just can't forget Baby you…

35.70 %
Like St. Valentine

…keep a lie alive Like Saint Valentine Like the couple from Pompeii Our drama is put on display Along with a dove stuffed in a coffin of glass Entitled, "Love, lust, and the Holy Ghost" Those were the days Love is the only war worth dying for Lift me up to knock me down I'm all yours For now…

35.46 %
Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…, biggie, and 'pac those who taught me what is real rap as a kid I dreamed 'bout mic ...and now i know what it's like Sing it baby... kertosäe: Whatever you say Whatever you do Do everything you can To make your dreams come…

31.43 %
Like a Fool
Nylon Beat

…Here I am with open arms Waiting for my boy to come to me And when my baby's here with all his charms I whisper to his ear in secrecy Baby Funny how all dreams come true Like a fool I'm into you The day we met I lost…

29.02 %
Clouds feat. A.J. McLean

…raise three children And she's feeling Like she just can't take no more Don't worry just let me blow All of your grey clouds away I promise I'll never leave you Alone in the rain Don't worry just let me blow All of…

20.06 %
Lipstick feat. Tyga
Isac Elliot

…Remember, you had me falling for you like it's September You know I've been all over girl But I never Had seen somebody do the things that you do, do So help me, the way I think about you you know it ain't healthy I…

18.74 %
Why Can't My Heart Break

…feel a thing Why can't my heart break, though I want it Why can't he make me hurt Why can't I miss him, like I used to I don't know, I don't know I don't know, I don't know Why can't my heart break He's all that I want…

18.31 %
Phases feat. French Montana

…too much and the kiss on counter when I get sober you want from me I just don't like don't like one last thing I was wasted back to the case front to the eyes but a life time one night south east corner I know you aint…

17.49 %
Love You Like I Do

…On my heart, I'll bear the shame No prayer can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will love you, love you like I do And there's no escape Just countless mistakes No one will…

17.37 %