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Dying Song

…dying song We hum along to the evening sun Till we are no more Little deaths to a dying song Sound a lot like life I've seen these dreams being crushed by a single thought And felt the envy of sadness engulf all warmth…

47.61 %
Song of Myself

…a panther by my side These are Territories I live for I'd still give my everything to love you more A song of me a song in need Of a courageous symphony A verse of me a verse in need Of a pure heart singing me to peace…

40.91 %
Love Without Tears

…an answer Crying his song I should've known all along That love without tears Is just a story told to keep us hanging on In the cold all alone, baby don't fear I sing Love without tears, love without tears Go on and…

36.83 %
Dark Secret Love

…For a moment the world turns its back And you let me come closer Though the hearts were filled with fear For this dark sekret love Oh let the world turn its back And please let me come closer Though the hearts filled…

33.11 %
Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

…The acoustic funeral for love in limbo We're dancing with tags on our toes I save my last breath for your window To write you this song for the acoustic funeral On the verge of a vow to kill all reason locking that door…

31.22 %
Too Long To Love

…know breaking away from the streak that she can't hide from but theres not enough time to love (her love is too long) again her stays restless as she hides in the dark waiting for the light to break through as the wall…

30.95 %
Love Is Blind
Cristal Snow

…is blind We’re magic We’re tragic A fairy tale gone bad A love song That’s so wrong It made your mama sad So she cries We don’t care cuz We run wild Love is blind Got a twisted romance But it takes me high Every time…

28.99 %
Love's Requiem

…will be our love's requiem Take me into your arms and sing me your beautiful song Hold me until we're one and sing me your beautiful song

24.32 %

…. A mother visits her son, smiles to him through the bars. She's never loved him more. An obese girl enters an elevator with me. All dressed up fancy, a green butterfly on her neck. Terribly sweet perfume deafens me…

22.90 %