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The Riddler

…what's the meaning of life What's the use to be born and then die Make me guess who's the one Behind the mask of Father and Son As you wish For kingdom come The one to know all the answers You think you dwell in

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Right Here In My Arms

She is smiling like heaven is down on earth The sun is shining so bright on her And all her wishes have finally come true And her heart is weeping. This happiness is killing her It's true she's in love She'll be right

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Always Been Right
Von Hertzen Brothers

…been right And everyone else wrong We've always been right To fight how we've fought Always been right And everyone else Has always been, always been wrong And so the day turned into night The crowd had become wild No…

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…wish For kingdom come The one to know all the answers You think you dwell in wisdom's sea Still, sweet ignorance is the key To a poet's paradise Challenge the Riddler and you will see…

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All Right
Nylon Beat

…to me And whisper in my ear All right Baby it's all right Tell me the words I need to hear And keep me near, so near You must have been thinking of When you look at me: It's only foolish insecurity But I'm aware of…

67.99 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

the blue Beneath the pain, beneath the rain Goodnight kiss for a child in time Swaying blade my lullaby On the shore we sat and hoped Under the same pale moon Whose guiding light chose you Chose you all "I'm afraid…

59.12 %
Live to Tell the Tale

…A single grain can tip the scale Amidst the burden the scale will prevail Showing what's worth being here Storyteller by a hearth of stone A white little creature purring me My childhood kingdom gone in time The islands…

57.76 %
In The Night Side Of Eden

…Divided we stand in the light of a frozen sun Cursing the Gods we have become We steal the fire from a sacred heart And bleed the wine unholy We fall in love with the serpent's song And fear nothing In the nightside of…

57.52 %
Walking in the Air

…We're walking in the air We're floating in the moonlit sky The people far below are sleeping as we fly I'm holding very tight I'm riding in the midnight blue I'm finding I can fly so high above with you Far across the

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