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Lonely Road

…alone Mama, mama I ain't goin home Cause it's a lonely lonely road Mama, it's been taking me a while to understand why this life treats a man and while to understand mama, I can't sleep that well at night nobody is…

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Planet Hell

…God My only wish to leave behind All the days of the Earth An everyday hell of my kingdom come The first rock thrown again Welcome to hell, little Saint Mother Gaia in slaughter Welcome to paradise, Soldier My first…

36.95 %
Fucking Yournalist (I'm on a Hot Road)

…all me It's been weighing your mind; making it a living or wishing to die? Well isn't it ironic? Don't you think? Trying to make a difference Will they believe your stories? Soon you'll get lonely, so call your friends…

29.56 %
New day rising
Von Hertzen Brothers

…There's hell to pay, I'm on my way Not a minute more to waste in this town No time to say goodbye You held me in your cabaret Like a gimmick holding back your meltdown For too long I don't need a dime to save it for a…

19.70 %
Paper plane
Isac Elliot

…me Oh, I just had to let her go for now Just let her leave Now the road is long and she's far away Don't have a boat, no I can't go by train Ooh, baby I'm coming anyway I'll build a paper plane so I can fly over the…

18.61 %
Scared To Death

…in love All these pickup lines from hell Icebreakers infernal From a heart so black and blue Only for you Just say when again I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am…

15.65 %
7 Days to the Wolves

…fire, feast Chase the ghost, give in Take the road less travelled by Leave the city of fools Turn every poet loose Howl! 7 days to the wolves Where will we be when they come 7 days to the poison And a place in Heaven…

15.00 %
Love Is Blind
Cristal Snow

…tonight So they cry We don’t care cuz We run wild Love is blind Got a twisted romance But it takes me high Every time we crash land I burn in hell to make you mine I won’t go to heaven If you ain’t by my side They say…

14.96 %
Slaying the Dreamer

…heart And drag me into sunlight (So awake) For your greed As you're slaying the dreamer Swansong, for the Wish of Night God it hurts, give a name to the pain Our primrose path to hell is growing weed (Put a stake) Through…

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