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Please Don't Let It Go

…let it, I won't let it go You try to be strong But you're always so alone Whatever I do, I do you wrong Death sings our song And we eagerly sing along Whatever you do, I adore So please don't let it— Please don't let…

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Don't Close Your Heart

…And so many things left unsaid and deeds undone You've stopped caring 'Cause it's all in vain Baby, just don't close your heart Darling, don't let me down You're so alone and tired of breathing It's all gone wrong and…

95.67 %
Don't Disappoint Me
Nylon Beat

…Where nothing seems to be allright Don't ever turn your back to me And say goodbye Don't disappoint me In this world Where nothing seems to be okay Don't ever turn your back to me And go away Don't disappoint me Don't

80.08 %
(Don't Fear) The Reaper

…All our times have come Here, but now they're gone The seasons don't fear the Reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain And we can be like they are Come on, baby... Don't fear the Reaper Baby, take my hand... Don't

67.87 %
One to Make You Smile
The Youths

be the one to make you smile? I like you And I think that you like me too I'll take your hand and hold it As tight as I can Don't be so shy You'll never know unless you try We'll seize the day and make it Worth the…

57.49 %
Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…The nights are wearing me down And it's hard getting through the day 'Cause I need you right now And right now you're so faraway I guess that I should have known That I'd end up this way But I swear I'll come home And…

54.09 %
I Will Be The End Of You

…screaming, "I will be the end of you." And I'm pleading, "Don't you stop, now." Go on and tear me apart Show me all you have got I will be (I will be) so free From all that we've seen Love's screaming, "I will be the end of you…

48.77 %
Isac Elliot

…feel down If I'd be with you somehow, somehow, somehow You don't know what love is before you've had it all We can be foolhardy Leave the world behind and go crazy Wild and free recklessly I'll make you feel like you're…

43.54 %
Happy? - Intwine

…, i hope you're happy isn't it strange that the world seems to turn away when i try to explain why it's so strange that two can be as one yet not the same and it feels like i'm drowning, feels like i'm drowning without…

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