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…the dark path, sleep with angels Call the past for help, touch me with your love, and reveal to me my true name Oh, how I wish for soothing rain All I wish is to dream again My loving heart, lost in the dark For hope…

60.44 %
Your Sweet Six Six Six

…in my heart I'm longing for your touch And I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart I'm losing my faith in you You don't want it to be true But there's nothing you can do There's nothing you can do Yes, I've lost my

45.20 %
My Selene
Sonata Arctica

…Nocturnal poetry Dressed in the whitest silver, you'd smile at me Every night I wait for my sweet Selene But, still Solitude's upon my skin A life that's bound by the chains of reality Would you let me be your Endymion…

44.31 %
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

…A promise of heaven pushed us right back to hell Turned three sevens into three sixes again You laughed at my face when I told you how much it hurts And said: "Disarm me with your loneliness Just like always before…

43.94 %
Tired Of Missing You
Isac Elliot

…around and playing one of your games This love was crushed into the ground So now I put out the flame I just want you to know, know, know I’m tired of missing you I gotta let go, go, go I’m tired of missing you So baby…

38.72 %
Take me to your dealer

…as a one way street, hit the brakes or go full speed A brief retreat It'll give me some extra time to re-evaluate my life Why do you have to slag this before even seeing the score? Yeah I know it's a quick fix But I…

36.68 %
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

…Let me wake up in your arms Hear you say, "It's not all right" Let me be so dead and gone So far away from life Close my eyes Hold me tight And bury me deep inside your heart All I ever wanted was you, my love You

36.41 %
If I Had Your Number
Nylon Beat

…I would be calling you If I had your number Don't break my heart in two Just gimme your number My phone is made for you If I had your number Need someone just like you I'm talking to The way you kissed me on that…

35.70 %
Olet mulle enemmän
Laura Voutilainen

…jaksaisit odottaa Että menneisyydestäni selvää teen, että pyyhkäisen pois eilisen ja nään taas huomisen Sä olet mulle enemmä, kuin annan ymmärtää Mä pyydän, ole siinä, siihen jää Sä olet mulle enemmän kuin osaan paljastaa, ja mä toivon, niin mä toivon et jaksaisit odottaa…

32.95 %