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Don't Disappoint Me
Nylon Beat

…Where nothing seems to be allright Don't ever turn your back to me And say goodbye Don't disappoint me In this world Where nothing seems to be okay Don't ever turn your back to me And go away Don't disappoint me Don't…

100.00 %
Nylon Beat

…catch them all while you cry I'm going to build an ocean of my own If you should go away and leave Do you have to leave so totally Please take along a little piece of me If there's darker than all black can be That's…

89.66 %
All Right
Nylon Beat

…I have been thinking of How it's going to be Will we grow older with serenity And when I let sadness flow Further way beyond You come to me and keep me hanging on It's gonna be all right All right Whenever you're next…

89.41 %
Nylon Beat

…denying: Must be me To tell the truth This crime felt good I'm almost guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty How can they judge somebody's heart Conviction victim behind bars I swear it's true There's only you I must be guilty…

88.28 %
Nylon Beat

…I am your Princess forever I am your princess forever Don't you ever feel like you're dreaming Living in a fairy tail Castles made of candy and icing Wouldn't it be googd to be there When I'm with you like lovers do…

87.09 %
Enough of You
Nylon Beat

…If I should see you only every now and then That wouldn't be too much to handle But you chose the wrong play And everyday I find you at my door again With wine and roses and a candle That isn't okay I got to say, it's…

86.68 %
Nylon Beat

…my helping hand to turn an angel to a man and find that sinner from your heart You do not need to understand don't have to be a gentle man look for that sinner in your heart Somebody stole my neighbours car I didn't…

85.84 %
Why Me, Why You?
Nylon Beat

…Why me, why you Play so cool That we end up feelin' blue There's me and there's you 'Cause a fight always needs two Why me Just can't see That we're falling much too deep It's so hard to keep Love like it used to be

83.39 %
If I Had Your Number
Nylon Beat

…I would be calling you If I had your number Don't break my heart in two Just gimme your number My phone is made for you If I had your number Need someone just like you I'm talking to The way you kissed me on that…

82.81 %
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