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All About You & I

…Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh (Don't quit me) Let me take you to a theater park Over the fence and run across the yard Ride the ferris wheel in the moonlight Tonight it will be all about you and I Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh (All about

100.00 %
All Lips Go Blue

…Hear the silent sighing song A moment of calm before the storm My heart, so violently beats along. Leaving me to want to end it all. I weep for a dream in a grave. The one that made all lips go blue. I read the words…

52.12 %
Mouth to Mouth
Isac Elliot

it a temptation Cause I got to be alone Yeah Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth I can give you mouth to mouth Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth You can teach me all about Mouth to mouth, mouth to mouth I can give you mouth to…

48.35 %
Sing It Away

…There's no need to be carrying a frown I'll help you sing it out tonight Sing it away All my troubles away Sing it away Never make me fade away Sing it away All my troubles away Sing it away Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh I'm gonna…

34.53 %
A Reason Why

…oh oh, you are somewhere out there Oh oh oh, but you don't care about me Oh oh oh, the more I think about it I don't understand a thing Why did you go? I need some answers now To get on by Please tell me why did you go…

31.83 %
Why Can't My Heart Break

…He is that boy everyone wants I can't believe, almost I have it all He was the one out of my reach And now that he's here, he's just something I need He tells me, tells me that he wants me Holding my hand, but I don't…

31.73 %
End of All Hope

It is the end of all hope, To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence, To be someone like me. This is the birth of all hope, To have what I once had. This life unforgiven, It will end with birth. No will…

28.52 %
All for Victory
Angelo De Nile

…Here I am, hear my heartbeats in the silence In the moment of glory the world stands still I can see my prize is set before me I reach out with hands I no more can feel Live, live, live all for victory Came the day…

27.10 %
Boulevard of broken dreams
Juha Tapio

…I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams When the city sleeps And I'm the only…

26.41 %
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