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Scared To Death

…In the biblical sense and sensibility Let me know you I'll kiss that smile off your face Just say when I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am scared to death to fall…

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Lonely Road

…Mama, it's a lonely lonely road I gotta do this on my own Lonely Lonely road Mama, it's just like you said Oh It's imaginable I'll Soon Be Dead It's just like you said Mama, mama, I ain't goin home Mama, mama I am so…

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In Love And Lonely

…like To be In love and lonely In love and lonely Don't know what to do, my baby It's not all right This can't be the end The time to say goodbye No, I won't walk away that easy After all this time Oh, you know how it…

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Love's Requiem

…We abandon the trust that kept us blind and disappear Under the crimson wings of hate where the lost are safe Until they love again The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's…

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…, oh sweet poison Bite me, bite me "Ladies and gentlemen Be heartlessly welcome! To Cirque De Morgue And what a show we have for you tonight!" Restless souls will put on their dancing shoes Mindless ghouls with lot of…

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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…Matter where you are yeah I Will always be around I'll always be around he said When you're lonely, lonely for somebody Look up to the sky I'll be shining bright Watching over you And when you need me you ain't gotta…

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Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…trough May And when the summer came I waited in vain It was a lonely June again Like black rain from the clear blue sky falling on me You left me without saying goodbye alone as can be Like black rain on a summer night…

32.19 %
Eternal Love
Nylon Beat

…Eternal love All the lonely nights in bed Makes me count all tears that I have shed Why are broken hearts so hard to mend And my heart refuses to believe That your kisses don't belong to me 'Cause you have found yourself…

32.19 %
Eye to Eye
Bad King

…- eye to eye closely. You and me downtown girl - I've been lonely. For pleasure now I am, telling you to love me! You and me downtown girl, the bad king is talking. Scared eyes, shaky hands - hoping to die. Tries to…

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