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The Forever Moments

…petals Out of the petals a cradle I will My cradle rocks with the waves of time The time of beauty will never be the same Oh, little girl, as thou must now leave Please take me, take me with thee Now I hear my mother…

54.15 %
Whoever Brings the Night

…one Whoever brings the night The Dark, created to hide the innocent white, the lust of night Eyes so bright, seductive lies Crimson masquerade where I merely played my part Poison dart of desire All you love is a lie…

38.79 %
Passion and the Opera

…Princess of lust Dignity put to dust A virginal sight Their apple to bite Drink from my thighs The rain of lies A sight so cursed Breasts which never nursed An Aphrodite for mortal souls Playing hide and seek in

35.80 %
In Venere Veritas

…Let's fall apart together now Zipping Cupid in a body bag well-worn Next to the mausoleum he was born in Picking up the pieces of this gory glory of it all From eve to morn, for Eve to mourn Have no fear There are

32.23 %
Eva (Demo Version)

…Dreams the world far away In this cruel children's game There's no friend to call her name Eva sails away Dreams the world far away The Good in her will be my sunflower field Mocked by man to depths of shame Little girl…

31.93 %
Music everywhere
Anna Abreu
31.72 %
Reach ("Amaranth" Demo Version)

…Baptised with a perfect name The doubting one by heart Alone without himself War between him and the day Need someone to blame In the end, little he can do alone You believe but what you see You receive but what you…

30.58 %
The Phantom of the Opera

…That man and mystery ...Were both in you... And in this labyrinth Where night is blind The Phantom of the Opera is there/here Inside your/my mind He's there, the Phantom of the Opera Sing, sing my angel of music, sing, sing for me!…

30.39 %
The Pharaoh Sails to Orion

…"Get away from me! Take heed to thyself and see my face no more! For in the day Thou see my face Thou shalt die!" - Exodus 10:28 A constellation of divine architecture built on Earth A holy harbour - Orion Nautical…

30.36 %