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Goblins' Dance

…The works of Dreaming evil, and the joy of unholiness No soul was left alone, in the mayhem of the human race "Hahahahaa!!!, Let us joy, Let us dance!!!" So they danced their macabre dances From the three ascending moons, moonshine was spilling onto the ground, Gruesome trophies were all around, In the halls of the Goblin King…

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Money dance

…Mä pommitan mersulla enkä aja mitään audii Haluun nähä girl kun sä oot niin bad do the dance do the dance do the moneydance…

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Bum Bum Bum [Regular Dance Mix]
Jari Sillanpää
46.61 %
Once Upon a Troubadour

…romantic tales On the loft women offer their sales But my eyes they catch a girl beat by everyone A slave she is but for me a rose undone Hear me sing Watch me dance Play that lute of thine And share with me this dance As…

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Its all about money
Piia Myyry

…You are hot on the beach, you stay there in your skini bikinies, you have romance, with your girlfriends, you do the latino dance, you have a white skirt, you call me baby, you are like a crazy, you all want your space…

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One More Magic Potion

…make us sing and dance in our endless feast Or it might even unleash the beast in me She filled out pints with that devils beverage And served another round with an hideous grin The world was spinning in a new light I…

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…skies A heart kind, mind a like, great time to be alive I dance for the Summer I dance for the Summer It's the season to let the stress fade away I put on my sundress and step out of the shade Come out tonight, the…

22.03 %
Danse Allergo
Juice Leskinen
20.27 %
Blow Up

…Well you know I gotta be at the stage tonight I need to get my bills to be paid and I And I sing and you shout and we drink and we dance Yeah yeah Ey ey Broken pieces of my mind yeah I wrote this shit down just last…

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