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Bad King

…girl with bad habits, girl with bad habits. I'm gonna make you scream, 'cause tonight I'm your ride. I will make you believe, 'cause tonight I'm your God. Just another fearless Saturday night, gonna spend my money on my…

61.64 %

…yeah Let's go baby shake that ass Skrr If you are wrong go left if right then right and bad bitches directly to me ( DIRECTLY TO ME ) I'm pulling this game to a new level with Moncler on top of Rolex in my hand and…

36.29 %
Bitch Fever
Bad King

…Have you ever given up on something that was more than lovely life? Have you ever seen a man who was ready to give up on ev'rything he had? Bitch fever, bitch fever. She took hold of my hand, I get struck by another…

32.44 %
Spirits Defender
Bad King

…A cruel and hopeless way ahead. Found yourself from someone's bed. Never felt so cold. And never felt like stoned. We break our way trough the walls. Feed them with feelings and wishes, ooh, the spirit of me wants to…

30.34 %
Bad Girl
Anna Abreu

…refrain: It'll be over in a minute now 'Cause I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl If you're messing with a bad girl You'll get burned Stop messing with a bad girl, bad bad girl You think I'm gonna…

23.89 %
Bad Girl

…and I'm your final resort oh my god this feeling is so I'm about to lose it all She's hot and cold and nobody knows What goes inside of her head She still craws to my bed Hot and cold Hot and cold My mind is trembling…

23.71 %
Bad Company
Doctrine Wavers

…out I’m escaping from life I managed to build. Soul fights for surviving, I’d really need someone’s helping hand. I leave myself alone. I hide from myself. I need some bad company I need to hurry now. Come to my scene…

22.93 %
Eye to Eye
Bad King

…- eye to eye closely. You and me downtown girl - I've been lonely. For pleasure now I am, telling you to love me! You and me downtown girl, the bad king is talking. Scared eyes, shaky hands - hoping to die. Tries to…

22.84 %
They are bad
Piia Myyry

…people, for you they are bad, black and white is your life, its too insane, all the time, you fuck your group all the time. You like your lifestyle, for you, all the people are something, wrong, You all arrange new crimes, sosiopaths have this style, you do it in all rooms, you want to life outlaw life, that what you do.…

20.61 %