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Forever Yours

…Fare thee well, little broken heart Downcast eyes, lifetime loneliness Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone Constant longing for the perfect soul Unwashed scenery forever gone Whatever walks in my heart will…

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Pilasit mun elämän (Forever yours)

…pääse irti Pilasit mun elämän Woo-oh, woo-oh Sä pilasit mun elämän Woo-oh, woo-oh Sä pilasit mun elämän Jou, tuntuuko susta miltään Toivon et säki valvoit Yöllä sun ääne huuto täyttää huoneen väkivalloin Et löydä toista…

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I Help You Hate Me
Sunrise Avenue

…days Yours was the hardest one to face Though I've never been a saint, I still love you everyday Just not the lover kind of way I know it's somewhere in me down This won't be easy on you now You could cry and you could…

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Sunrise Avenue

…Baby You are the one I can feel it inside my bones Maybe In the long run You'll finally feel it's so You say you don't know If you honestly want my love I'm gonna hunt until I get you And when I get you I will love you

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Afraid Of The Midnight
Sunrise Avenue

…You're not the only one Just because you cannot see ‘Coz its a mystery Doesn't mean its out to hurt You don't know the strength you have ‘Til you face your demons down Everybody has that course Don't be afraid of the…

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Rise bodom
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Last forever

…Yeah, i got what you like, ya Don't put up a fight, no no no Put you on a flight, Girl you out'a sight, yea yea yea en osaa loppui, sori:(…

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The Forever Moments
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Tale Of Revenge

…, forever bound Forever bound to death! Wait for me in the mountains, haunt for me in the winds Wait for me in the land where nothing lives Until the day I have found revenge, I will feed my sword Until my heart is cold, every breath of mine is yours

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