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…nii kova vauhti Ku pitää kerää tyylipisteit ja clouttii Clouttii, ay Huivi on Louis V (iClout) Pyydät follaa bäkkiii (iClout) Mut homie tää on my clout Eli get up out my face, ota time out Mitä sä nyt säädät Päätä, haluutko sä lähteä vai jäädä Pyörit mun jalois niinku näätä Johtuuks se siit et mul on kaulassa jäätä…

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I don't know about using plastercine To close my wounds or to hold the smile on my face Meaningless hours turn into meaningless years Meaningless promises to meaningless fears Show me your answers, baby, show me the…

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Clouds feat. A.J. McLean
51.49 %
Closer to you
Park 7

I hate it when they ask me how's it going My head is full of stories but I just say fine I fake a smile, then think that I am boring But there is so much going on behind my eyes Take a look inside my head There's been…

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…, let's get closer I just wanna hear you say my name I just wanna keep you on replay So come on get your body over me Se get close, baby closer than closer Live it up Let it go Nothing to lose, this is my show Lift your…

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Pirun kaunis nainen glifters


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Mouth to Mouth
Isac Elliot

…Your lips are moving But i don´t hear a thing Your body calling Calling biology I´m on a mission So breathe it all on me Breathe it all on me baby And I´m good at conversations But I´m done with using words Let's give…

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All About You & I

…Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh It's true I think that I'm so screwed That butterfly tattoo So strange how I'm haunted by your gaze You're selfless So sordidly spotless Standing in silence To you I wanna show a special place…

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New Colours

…Colours have come alive, it was about time To put the darkness behind I'm stronger, I belong here, I can stand up, put my hands up taste like freedom, in my queendom Starting from today, I'm gonna keep the gray away I

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