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Take me to your dealer

you won't find from the gas station? Just take me to your dealer Make sure it's something special for a soon to be professional For god's sakes, you gotta change the way you are There's no other rescue You wanna fall apart or would you rather go back to the start?…

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On & Off
Krista Siegfrids

…got to show me are we in this together it will make me feel better on and off and on and off on and off and on and off basicly you got me wired up crazy did you think that my shrink don't know that I'm so damn messed up…

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Just take everything

…kind of clothes, their wifes wear, or not. They really have an easy life, you just take everything, you can be payed out, of everything, you can just choose, what you want to do with it. Hopefully you are chosen, to some easy and fun work, otherwise its starts to be boring, in a long run, not at all fun.…

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You really take it
Piia Myyry

You all have played, with other peoples lifes, you like to see people, who are divorced, you like that life, you saparate of everything, Your needs are the same, over the years, you dominate evertywhere, you want the

49.16 %
You take peoples lives
Piia Myyry

You beat people with white collar crimes, 'now you are a nurse and a doctor, you have taken several lifes, 'you are so mental, that we see movies, of these peoples faces, you follow every day the same people, until you

48.12 %
You make the big mistakes
Piia Myyry

You all wan to live in your small world, you do youself all the work, you you all life in the own bubbles, you are not independent at all, you make big mistakes, you care nothing of peoples lifes, its all your own games…

46.94 %
You're My Melody

…Late at night no one's around Take off the mask and lose the crown Feeling helpless and so alone All that you lost, all that is cost Friends who left when needed most They're all gone now, all but one If you open your

46.51 %
Fairytale Tourist
The Cornerstone Laughers

…If you drop breadcrumbs while you’re off adventuring you’ll lose your way in darkness, so we’re heard We learn about their failures across the centuries but at least they got to feed some hungry birds You can say that…

43.84 %
You all want to take risks
Piia Myyry

You say how you walk, to the bank and grosery store, you like that lifestyle, it means you have not so much, or you like city lifestyle. You want everythinf to be hard, you play eith motions, its your game, you really…

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