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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…in storm that one thunder Can bring you to your knees But when I fall down There's still I voice inside my head that makes me stronger And tells me to believe Cause I Will never let you down No Matter where you are yeah…

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Windows Down

…to bring to you I'm driving around just like before these girls and boys do that no more But I still recall how to do it right So I'm drivin' with the windows down tonight Now when the evening come We used to have fun…

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Molly The Murderer
Sturm und Drang
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The Poet and the Pendulum

…beautiful day. The music he wrote had too long been without silence. He was found naked and dead, With a smile in his face, a pen and one thousand pages of erased text." Save me Be still, my son You're home Oh when did you

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I Help You Hate Me
Sunrise Avenue

…grieve, Then you will get over me And you turn your life around, 'cause I know you wanna see me falling out, falling out the window I know you wanna see me crashing down, crashing with my plane Baby, I'm way too young to…

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The Path
Doom Unit

…a line You'll never know how I feel What if all comes down tonight I won't be the only one Can't find a way I'll be lost within and I'm doing all I can I never let down the honest man It's just the path I lead gives me

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Ghost Love Score

…I'll be there when you say Time to never hold our love My fall will be for you My love will be in you You were the one to cut me So I'll bleed forever So I'll bleed forever So I'll bleed forever…

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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

will last forever 'Cause we feel it, take it, hold it and believe it You need me like I need you I know you do, I'm sure you do The lights are slowly going down On Lexington Avenue, and me I'm all alone feeling the

43.48 %
Burn Your Ship

…night You fall, you crawl, before You will learn to stand tall No turning back, there is no retreat Leave the past behind and burn your ship Be proud of all your sears The symbols of strength that brought you here…

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