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Master Passion Greed

…, never wrong More more more more more Master passion greed Master passion greed "Hello. How are you? Let me explain one thing. All for her and more for me Why is it so hard to see? I see no sense in doing this Not enough…

77.91 %
Endless Forms Most Beautiful

…celebration, A resthaven Of life Lay on a field of green With mother Eve With father pine reaching high Look at yourself in the eyes of aye-aye Unfolding rendezvous Deep into the past Follow the aeon path Greet a blade…

60.93 %
Done With Her
Anna Abreu

…with her I've been blind for ages but now I see Completely lost myself in disbelief Not sorry that you cry and let me tell you why You promised me the moon and stars from your sky One too many times I've tried to say goodbye refrain Oh, how we hurt ourselves And still we beg for more But this time I won't cry…

54.54 %
Just Can't Let Her Go
Isac Elliot

…Just can't let her go I've been hypnotized by bright red candy lips and angel eyes I know that it ain't right her pretty comes whit pain my hands are tied I want her everybody wants her she knows it eh eh eh I want her

51.46 %
53rd Street Last Virgin
Anna Eriksson

…She's watching the silent days go by Praying for man and his never ending crime Dreaming of the winds in the willows City night's knocking on her windows She stays in, stays out of sin She's just that way Praying for…

46.95 %
11th Street Kids
Hanoi Rocks

…must I'm gonna meet the boys, and Suzy I just can't miss her tonight And I'm so hot - Gee! I'm so hot Well is she tight Is she in need of a lover like me? And there she is now! I gotta go - and give her a great big kiss…

43.57 %

…leave the sleep and let the springtime talk in tongues from the time before man listen to a daffodil tell her tale let the guest in, walk out, be the first to greet the morn the meadows of heaven await harvest the…

35.46 %
Right Here In My Arms

here in my arms So in love She'll be right here in these arms She can't let go She'll be right here in my arms So in love She'll be right here in these arms She can't let go So hard she's trying But her heart won't…

34.72 %
The Greatest Show On Earth

…world To the stuff of stars Bedding the tree of a biological holy Enter life We are here to care for the garden The wonder of birth Of every form most beautiful 3.) The Toolmaker After a billion years The show is still…

33.46 %
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