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Not For Nothing
Isac Elliot

…If you don't love me baby leave me alone There was a time that I would've done anything for you lady I would boot down the sun from the sky cause that's how much I adored you baby But to hear telling lately only thing I…

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money tree
piia myyry

…, before. All the glory and fame, how you never will be, the same anymore. After making everything on your own, its not a big burden, for sure, you should have, another world to be born. Its in your nature, that, what you…

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I Have Nothing

…imagine you there Don't walk away from me, no I have nothing, nothing, nothing Don't make me close one more door I don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare Or must I imagine you there Don't walk away from me, no Don't walk away from me Don't you dare walk away from me, no I have nothing, nothing, nothing If I don't have you…

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The kids who have nothing

…Now, we can live like those, who never have kids, to time for hobbies, or nothing to give, they just spend their times in living rooms, and just do it. Thei energy goes just the one thing. Some people just have hobbies…

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Waiting For The Cavalry

…the end there is no right, just variants of wrong I'm still waiting for the cavalry Trade all my love for one dive in the light After all these burns I welcome the night Come, drift away now with me Trading myself for nothing

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A good writing songs

…lot, you can believe or not. These people are 24/7 people, they are all the time in a same stage of living. for me it gives nothing, but they like it anyway. I dont hear any classical music, no catwalk in any tv…

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Sitting at the kitchen

…I just sit on the train to see you, i wait to arrive to my new town, ot see how it is and how there sounds, how the people are, how they have theated you, so far. I just sit home and watch tv, these is nothing during…

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Same smile for all

…All of them are divorced, their kids really need to work, its better to be happy, than sad, in every place, it lifts you anyway, it really matters, if you have money or not, it is just easier to smile, than to feel bad…

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Bad King

…Now he knows that its about faith, not about losers getting paid. Waiting for tomorrow. Counting his money, ready to play. Hoping that God will come and save. Waiting for tomorrow. It’s hot - he makes the moves of…

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