How Could You Do It

Anna Abreu

I hear what you saying Your lips move like they're praying I see it trough my tears Oh, You say you can't let me go

You've taken my heart And you've burned it to the core You've played your part now it's my time to steal the show

refrain: How could you do it How come you blew it You broke a precious thing And think that you can glue it How could you do it You took me through it You're messing with your destiny But you can't fool it How could you do it Yes I can prove it My privacy is not for you Because I rule it How could you do it for me How could you do it for me

Feelin' cold and lonely You were my one and only The sun is falling from the sky And you're the reason why

'Cause you took my heart And you tossed it on the floor Can't live in a lie No, I can't take this no more

refrain (2x)

There's no point in crying If your heart feels like dying You chose to have it your own way Now you just have to let me say:

refrain (2x)

How could you do it for me How could you do it for me

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