Centre Of My Universe

Hanoi Rocks

Once upon a rhyme I believed in fate The signs of the times Did it mean anything to you Or was I just anyone to you? Then came the daze The santa ana wind Whipped the sand in my face It didn't mean anything to you Everything that we went through for love

You used to be the centre of my universe You were my gravity that kept me down to earth My head sky high and my feet firmly on the ground Then came the end Now it seems to me my friend I'm alone in the centre of my universe

Time is a file – if revealed it would be most unkind Better stop tryin' to change the past And try to find something that will last

I walked on hoping someday Someone would come along Yeah, I flew all around the planet so fast Burned a lotta cash, learned the only thing That lasts is love

So here I am, the centre of my universe Tryin' to find my gravity to keep me here on earth Just a tiny speck in a ruthless universe Ooh, with the rain it'll all wash out again I remain the centre of my universe

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