A sudden attack


Its just a sudden attack, to get what you want, to pack up, its really not love, its just a balance of it all. It can be a naive romance, but there is many people, to take to the same dance.

Its not the only one moment, this life is tryed to built for a longer storage, I am not looking for a fast love, to ease the pain of another woman, or kids to quide.

You are just a lonely boy, on the road, you desire shelter, where you have a good place to stay, but I am over that period, I have lived a long time, on my own.

If you think, I am inmature, you are wrong, I have done the life for sure, we are all going around here, I am just so wise to know, when you dont have any more gears.

I just dont want to wait any more, its my time to walk to the altar, thats what I wnat, you can see, that the life is not always easy, but I have used to turbulence, it doesnt really break me, it you really are afraid of it.

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Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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