human kind of fundamentalism

piia myyry

Did you know, hoe you hurt me. Does it make everything later easier? Do you think, that I forget. Do you think, time softens the rooms of your brain.

Do you think, i forgive you think baby and all the staff makes me forget it all. Do you think that kind of start is healthy? How far you want to push, do you want me something to say? I still want o see you naked, nobody of the sweet packings make me to scheer up, everybody who has seen it says it has gone to far.

your selfish ego has nailed the love again. What happened to the faith and family dreams and thruthful affairs, Do you turn it all back and fix the humans. Do you think to go back to north to fix it all. I can see it from your face, you have been hurt,and the scarves are still red.

I just dont really get it. You shoot yourself down wtih speed, Dont you get enough even if you loose. you must really hurt people, its revence of the all, not any protection. Do you have any real emotiones, it all seems to be a game.

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