I just want my privacy


I just want my privacy, to have time to do my own things, my own way, to have distance to people, enjoy of it all.

I just love to be at the sea, it is really the only place, which really gives a lot ot me.

I am just waiting for you to come home, drive along the coastal line to have some wine, its like during the teenage time, just the hole day, to have a beach time.

You look good at the beach, you know it yourself, it is easy to see, like in the country side, the people just have fun.

I come from the university city, people move here and built a family. I have always been creative, I spend my days, my own way.

I just like to draw and write, its really my creative site, most of all, I just like cosy places, sort of comfort zone, where it is good to stay.

You have so much passion, do not waste it away. I can give you love over the hole day, you have used to be athletic, its physical, I like it.

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