Kill your soul

Piia Myyry

Can one kiss kill your soul, can one chag break it all, to be one step ahead, prevent you of to get it? Does it all lead to the break? How do you really ease your pain? Or is every thing for you a big game. Do you want to open the wooms?

Or are you kind and try softly to move? Are you tried to break a human to a part? Takes in fact a big gap, and be very far. Do you know what distance means? There has been too much motions, the pain to ease.

You probably never get over it. Its just a new phase, to only enjoy it. What else could you do, nobody here are not so fool.

Do you smile from the distance, drops your heart bleading much, or do you just want to have a tan and be easy. Have you ever found the right kind of love. So, that is satisfy you deep and very long time.

Even though is it is not like a flame, it cvan be so giving that you think, you have lost all the game. You can probably play so long, that you fell like a tower on the floor. How does it all then feel, you must see it yourself and feel.

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