Madrid makes me sad

Piia Myyry

I want t make love to you, Fernando, like they do in french movies, very sensual giving and partation. Paris is a city for overs, eternal city, full of tourists, waking happily ahead on the streets.

its now a girls night, we escape from the quys, who are jeaouse and want to fight. otherwise it seems to feel to dull, you cant get enough kicks, so you feel love.

I cme to eat here every now and then, it reminds of the placeso fm y home place. I am issing yu a lot, dont youknow, have seen the life, you have created f yur aol. My friednds have been i the same situation, they are welthty, but its not any problem.

They all have been rich sice their borndom, there is no status changes at afrm the time to dawn. Yu have made every te an O, so is some other people, you know also this all.

i cme frm the north, where peope are funny, despite f the winter, they like t have fun and party for 4. I have tried t accoodate n here, everything is k, I just miss the sea. Here is realy not so much to do, to go out of the city is not fun every day to do.

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