"mi culpa"

Piia Myyry

Mi culpa, you always say, of course, who else would turn the wave, its always easy to turn the wheel, you must just see the impact, what it always feed. Does it hit to your own knee, or do you really gain that you see.

We all have made our turns, there is few rules, you cant ignore it. <the life aslways turns to same where. Its thought never been the same.

You seem to have the deep woons, it turns always to be an familys neighbourghood, shouldnt you protect the family of your own. instead that througing them to the worms. is your family always too much, do neeed them at all, or just a good part night.

How do you explain your life to the chics? Do you think that to respect it all. How big hole is there already, when you have born. Do you think you see it all.

Anyway, I cant never change your choises. They stick as they are on your mind, as an ink. You can jump as much as you want> It doesnt change the past, we are living on.. The things change, people die, some people just want to make a cheece cake in a new style. You think that you differ from that, but there is not anymore an easy pack.

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