People do all the work

Piia Myyry

I need to do all, you want your luxory life, ' it fits you well, they beat women, you see it well, but do nothing, you want it all, as long as the other, people do all the work, you are connected to everything, its you life, you cant stand yourself, its your living.

Finnish people beat humans in eu, 'they connect to their families, other people life in every kind of societies, its always you and your friends, who take the space with their violence. At home and work, you beat the same people, you dont stop it, even you see it, you are all in police, of the life long criminalties, everywhere you go, or with who you talk.

You all like the same game, its illegal in finland, you obey people to do the same, you have fired judges, polices, nurses and doctors, their violance, every where you go, the other peolpe get your violance, you seem to hit people like northern people, they are all the time friends, to get new houses, to theri friends.

You are a achipelago child, its all about the boats and fishing, they like motors and cars, living near the highways, you like to see them, you are not afraid of anything, you trust people, and their criminal friends.

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