Sitting at the kitchen


I just sit on the train to see you, i wait to arrive to my new town, ot see how it is and how there sounds, how the people are, how they have theated you, so far.

I just sit home and watch tv, these is nothing during the days, just wasting the time, I make some movies nowadays, when I have time, of music, tro to earn money, somehow.

I dont know how easy it all is, but at least, I have tried, I dont feel like sitting in the kitchen, listen to their talks, or their own games.

I get exhausted, I have a daywork, at the attorneys office, fhe tasks are not always easy. to be happy under the roof with you, its not much to ask for, many peope are alike, one kind of talk, all the time.

I dont have so much interest, to spend time with them, I just want to feel good, and make my own things.

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