the guidelines

piia myyry

you like the sidelines, I write the sociatys guidelines, you have a good reputation, dont they see it gained by financial phenomenons.l I try do a work as a lawyer, the cady is our workes, you have gained all easily by sport, which has taken all the energy of your marriage.

You have gained salary and reputation, I just see, when you call us to your home and turn me on, Your personal life is like a past storm, have you made something, which is illegal and not IN, you have had all in the mothers milk, you just need a family, better at home to be.

we all watch you every on syndays. we all know, how you have danced and had fun there. Are you proposing me this summer? Are we together more than an happy hour? Squeeze out all the beauty of me, you can find the world more colour to be. I am consentrated to the family and work, there is no time to fly N.Y.

This all is new to me, is is still even thought so to be. I have earlier in Europe been, though I miss off´-shore life, can leanr it to quide.

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