thet part of you

piia myyry

You were so good to me, I waited you every evening, hoping to see you beside me, then I saw you everyday with him.

Women after women every day, thet part of you , I dont see, during the daylight , thats for sure.

Yes, I kow, you are a big star, but I have come from the north, its really cold there during the winter, but people are kind and usually they, just sing there and have fun.

you know, that you have accieved a lot, like a king, it must have been easy, otherwise you wouldnt be choosing it. i love to see you, we just need to forget of, which we have been keen on:problems, dont break you apart,

i listen to you when you tell me of your life, it sounds interesting, but i dont know, how far. We come from the different lives, but it is ok, i never have had anything like this for even a day.

you really look like a man,like every body in cities, during the evfening or dawn.You have had time to settle down. You seem to handle lots of things easily,. You really must have been good in every sector, it all can be seen in every action.

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