They suck your energy

Piia Myyry

You like your room, you invete there people, its your kingdom, there you have your private time, it all belongs to you, you dont want to socializing or food, you like the flesh and the feelings, it heels your soul, you like to play with women, maybe they have no time for it, all the same women play the same game, even they have childs of their own, then it all starts again.

You want to play more, its not a global game, just a one milestone, you like take all the time to you, its not a lot you need to do, its like a unborn child, you dont know what you got, kinderegg like in easter days, you like to make people weak, so you feel strong, you must come from another townhall, since people are different in diffenrent places, you see it from their faces, you dont fit in, you are tired of the same people, they such your energy, you dont have more the gin.

You all can see it, they are eval from the beginning, it depends of their bindings, where they come and go, who they see, do they really like it, you are not mykind, i dont see the light, its just waste of time, i dont want to spend time, on just someone, who i am not interested in.

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