You hate people

Piia Myyry

You all love to make love with your wifes, you all are so criminal, you liike to show the door, its fun for you, but then you are alone, under control of violence, its all the time in houses, you and your old spouses, continue the violance, its the city style, over the years, you make difficult surgeries, just for jfn you can operete with kinetic energy.

You like to show people that you can, its easy, you humiliate people, they have their own days, they dont get rid of you, you really turn their lifes, how you want it, you beat young people sick, you kill people in their hospitals, you get your salary, from the state.

You have already your own sickness, you have chosen that side, over the years you do the same, fill your own needs, its easy so see, you hate people, you just play with their lifes, you get payed and live well, the other people are isolated to their homes, they cant even go to eat, you like that style.

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