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Beginning Of The End

…It is just the beginning of the end Yes, I'm here for you Save your happiness for tomorrow And today we'll drown in your tears A drop of your blood tastes like wine today And because I love you so And I'm here for you…

100.00 %
I Will Be The End Of You

…Cold underneath the starry night Breathing in everything but air See as the fire and light dies in your eyes Oh, you're leaving Love's screaming, "I will be the end of you." And I'm pleading, "Don't you stop, now." Go…

82.62 %
End of All Hope

…is the end of all hope, To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence, To be someone like me. Wounded is the deer that leaps highest, And my wound it cuts so deep. Turn off the light and let me pull the plug…

78.30 %
Turn Loose the Mermaids

…A kite above a graveyard grey At the end of the line far, far away A child holding on to the magic of birth and awe Oh, how beautiful it used to be Just you and me far beyond the sea The waters, scarce in motion…

75.18 %
The Islander

…An old man by a seashore at the end of day Gazes the horizon with seawinds in his face Tempest-tossed island seasons all the same Anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name Sea without a shore for the banished one…

74.35 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

…become so cold? The blade will keep on descending All you need is to feel my love Search for beauty, find your shore Try to save them all, bleed no more You have such oceans within In the end I will always love you The beginning.…

69.28 %
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean

The spell to master this Earth Carven on an infant's tomb "I will die for the love of the mermaid Her seduction beauty and scorn Welcome to the end of your life - Hail the Oceanborn!" "Disgraced is my virginity Death…

52.52 %
Rage of Poseidon
Mortal Weapon

…Night broken my hand Sanctuary before my night turns We are the streams of virgin snow Greater dying is the earth and sky Moonbeam her blessing the symphony of greed Sleeping of the cadence falls The sea winds in the

48.46 %

…blame The more we have, the more we want And the more it hurts our heart, my baby It always ends up in tears... So keep on pretending Our heaven's worth the waiting Keep on pretending It's all right So keep on pretending…

47.38 %
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