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…The way that she moves Yeah, yeah The way that she moves her body Don't get me started About the body Somebody get me out, can't live with or without it Cause what she got is Is so exotic I tell your momma, this girl is…

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Hold your colours

…Turn fear to dust, you need to trust Eh-eh eh-eh, moving, moving Move on the right track We slowly fade from black to grey Eh-eh eh-eh, fading, fading Fade away See through the night your ray of light Eh-eh eh-eh…

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…, let's get closer I just wanna hear you say my name I just wanna keep you on replay So come on get your body over me Se get close, baby closer than closer Live it up Let it go Nothing to lose, this is my show Lift your

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Enough of You
Nylon Beat

…true had enough of you Now and forever I got to make my move So you're creeping on my window, I say you no, no And all you say or do is enough of you Cause no means no never I need a quick rescue So you're sneaking in…

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I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)

…Can't you see, my darling, That the harder I try The more we grow apart Please believe me The sweeter the kiss The colder turn your arms And the colder grows your heart And, baby, more I love you I see it in your eyes…

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Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

…called love For you Disarm me with your loneliness Just like always before Deceive me out of my emptiness Telling me how you love me with all your heart No more Tell me how much you miss my warmth Tell me how my kiss can change your world Tell me how much it hurts to be alone Lie to me that you love me with all your heart No more

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Your Sweet Six Six Six

…faith in you I'm waiting for your call And I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart I'm longing for your touch And I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart How long we have to wait For love is fading so…

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I've Crossed Oceans Of Wine To Find You

…There was a time when I Could breathe my life into you One by one your pale fingers Started to move And I touched your face And all death was erased And you smiled like an angel Falling from heaven Just to be lift up…

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Last happy meal

…I'm thinking of donating my body to science They told me that a dead man would make a decent alternative for a living hamster On the bright side the summer's always coming But on this side it's ever departing Then the…

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