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…I see you turn your back on life again And I see your stumbling down worked smooth again I feel despair kissing our lips again I feel despair holding our hearts again You hear me crying behind your back again You hear…

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He's Not My Man
Elina Arlin

…He's Not My Man A little smile and winkin eyes, But I can see right through his disquise I know what he is looking for And I know he's looking for some more, but no He's not my man He asks me if I feel the same, That…

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We're Not Flawless
My little pony: Friendship Is Magic

…mua pellenä aivan Joka vain koheltaa Hieman liikaa ehkä hassuttelen Mut en tiedä tän parempaa Fluttershy: Ei helposti auennut kuori mun Kun koin epävarmuutta vain Twiligh Sparkle: Ei täydellisyyttä voi vaatii Nyt

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Bright Matter

…Walking long towards the sun I found myself inside a storm Not blinded by the light Was it the rain or the cold wind Or the memories of our sins Tears were flooding from within Everyday I used to see A picture of a…

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In Venere Veritas

…together now There is a method to our sadness As we drag the mirror ball and chain Through the twilight again Dressed up in shame Have no fear There are wounds that are not meant to heal And they sing, "In Venere veritas…

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Scared To Death

…in love All these pickup lines from hell Icebreakers infernal From a heart so black and blue Only for you Just say when again I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am…

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Too Long To Love

…know breaking away from the streak that she can't hide from but theres not enough time to love (her love is too long) again her stays restless as she hides in the dark waiting for the light to break through as the wall…

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Razorblade Kiss

…You've got to let me dream Inside you, baby I'm not afraid to feel I want you to love me 'Cause you are the one 'Cause you are the one 'Cause you are the one Your love is a razorblade kiss Sweetest is the taste from your…

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New day rising
Von Hertzen Brothers

…the bad ideas that got out of control New love needs making I will be okay Again Escaping to the dawning red I will break the chains and smash the windows To a world I see much brighter My home I believe what we see…

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