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Good Times
Satin Circus

…Looking for good times Chasing the sunrise Living the fun nights Looking for you And the good times too I don't know what to do What is your point of view of me and you? I really got no clue Until the break of dawn We're…

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The Forever Moments

The ticktock of time allows me to see An owl turn to an echo The butterfly to a cocoon A swan to ugly duckling A lake to an ocean The dead times awake As I've been called myself to yesterday The flower has fallen its…

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The Path

…gardens of dying light And cross all the rivers deep and dark as the night Searching for a reason why time passes by With every step I take, the less I know myself Every vow I break on my way towards your heart Countless…

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The 9th Circle

…Is it so hard to believe the hearts are made to be broken? Can't you see that the beauty of love lies in constant times? Don't you want our hearts to be torn wide open? Won't you feel the heaven in our endless cry? Oh…

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(Don't Fear) The Reaper

…All our times have come Here, but now they're gone The seasons don't fear the Reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain And we can be like they are Come on, baby... Don't fear the Reaper Baby, take my hand... Don't…

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The Phantom of the Opera

…My power over you Grows stronger yet And though you turn from me To glance behind The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside your mind Those who have seen your face Draw back in fear I am the mask you wear It's me they

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The Face Of God

…I'm drained but aching for more And the devil inside is reading The words of the saddest poem To be engraved on the stone on my grave I'd kill to share your pain (and carry the shame) And sell my soul for you just to…

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The Kiss Of Dawn

…Blinded I am And so are you By shedding tears Confusion that separates us two... We hold dear Just look into my eyes Kiss our fears goodbye I'm reaching for your shadow Drowning in The kiss of dawn Touching the pain…

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In The Nightside of Eden

…Divided, we stand in the light of a frozen sun Cursing the gods we have become We steal the fire from a sacred heart And bleed the wine unholy We fall in love with the serpent's song And fear nothing In the nightside…

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