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Into The Night

…Trapped in autumn, buried beneath the leaves To the echo of the summer softly weeping Sinking further in this sanguinary sea Painting pain with pastels through her cemetery eyes Into the night we ride, scars wide open…

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Walking On Water
Anna Abreu

…What about the things we had The things that burned our hearts so fast I've been thinking 'bout this all like crazy What about the things you said Those things that hurt and made me sad You know I'm letting loose on you…

82.68 %
Into Battle

…will die The fire will burn forever in our passionate hearts Our destinies are calling us now We are ready to take their lives Into battle we ride with Gods by our side We are strong and not afraid to die We have an urge…

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Into The Black Light
Ghost Brigade

…Surrounded by leaders We are the dregs of life Do not panic, leave no trace Pretend to not care Do you ever dream about making a difference Do you ever dream about making a difference I have waited all my life for…

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Better together
luke combs

…better together and probably always will Like a cup of coffee and a sunrise, Sunday drives and time to kill What's the point of this ol' guitar if it ain't got no strings? Or pourin' your heart into a song that you…

71.07 %
The Vampire

…When I was born, shadow comin' into your life The dark side of your sun coming to Coming to Everyday, sin is deeper in your heart and Screaming souls, deeper and deeper Come into me like a knife on my skin But you can…

69.11 %
Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast

…It's not the sun in the sky That shines on me when I cry It's not the one we all can see The one that lives in me I'm afraid of never finding her on time Gonna pray I'll never die The nightmare has begun Enter the

61.85 %
Ghost Brigade

…Lost at sea Father, come take me back home The sun's colder today But the rhythm of water is keeping me warm Feel its weight, lay your head down Oh burden, how did we come so far? Stay with me, until fear no longer…

52.14 %
Into Hiding (Amorphis cover)

The islander slips into hiding And takes to his heels Out of dark Northland The murky house of Sara He whirled out of doors as snow Arrives as smoke in the yard To flee from bad deeds There he had to become someone…

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