Lähimmät osumat haulle: "iris" and i'd give up forever to touch you 'cause i know that you feel me somehow you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be and i don't wanna go home right now and all i can taste is this moment and all i can breathe is

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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

The nights are wearing me down And it's hard getting through the day 'Cause I need you right now And right now you're so faraway I guess that I should have known That I'd end up this way But I swear I'll come home And

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Sink Away

…more? I finally see the shore In this pain an island rests Where all I loved are safely kept Somehow I've found myself here in its place And the more I see, the less I grieve I fade away so you can be Living all the dreams you planned to make And you'll live unafraid I know you'll be okay For you I'd sink away…

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Halfway Home

…part this won't last forever there's an end I don't know if I can ever make it there, no But I'll try to, I swear, oh I'm halfway home, I tell you Yes I'm half way home I've drove through the thunder and walked through…

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…here right now (Now) I'm caught in the moment, You catching nostalgiia (Now) Keep talking and hoping Ashes won't matter Every single hot minute give it all I got, driven chilling, roof-top vision watch the planet stop…

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A Thief That Holds My Heart
Hanna Pakarinen

…turned on me for a change Did I fool myself When you came into my life And when you needed me to be the one there for you I gave all of me Imagining I meant world to you Could anything Make you get that I need you too I don't wanna run....…

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15th night
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam

…On my skin there's sand from distant beaches, foreign seas I'd better go and try to do some sleeping I look at you, I see the world I don't know where I roam I'm like a madman I cry for you to love me You never take me

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Beating Gets Faster
Hanoi Rocks

…in Now the clouds have finally disappeared Go straight ahead the road is clear It ain't so easy baby, when you're all alone Now I'm glad I kept on rolling on I know you and you know me That's the way it was meant to be

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All About You & I

you're gonna listen, it's all alright In this very moment, in this ride 'Cos I'm gonna take you up to the sky I promise, tonight will be just you and I Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh (All about you and I) Forget the worries for a little while On the ferris wheel 'til the sunrise It will be all about you and I

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What About Me
Isac Elliot

I know you're thinking That I'm right here where you left me patiently waiting For your call Never imagine That I'd ever tell you no Cause it's never happened, before If you thought higher of yourself, you'd be up in…

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Muut samankaltaiset hakusanat: "iris"++and+i'd+give+up+forever+to+touch+you+'cause+i+know+that+you+feel+me+somehow+you're+the+closest+to+heaven+that+i'll+ever+be+and+i+don't+wanna+go+home+right+now++and+all+i+can+taste+is+this+moment+and+all+i+can+breathe+is "iris"++and+i'd+give+up+forever+to+touch+you+'cause+i+know+that+you+feel+me+somehow+you're+the+closest+to+heaven+that+i'll+ever+be+and+i+don't+wanna+go+home+right+now++and+all+i+can+taste+is+this+moment+and+all+i+can+breathe+isre= "Iris"++And+I'd+give+up+forever+to+touch+you+'Cause+I+know+that+you+feel+me+somehow+You're+the+closest+to+heaven+that+I'll+ever+be+And+I+don't+wanna+go+home+right+now++And+all+I+can+taste+is+this+moment+And+all+I+can+breathe+is+your+life+When+sooner+or+later+it's+over+I+just+don't+wanna+miss+you+tonight++And+I+don't+want+the+world+to+see+me+'Cause+I+don't+think+that+they'd+understand+When+everything's+made+to+be+broken+I+just+want+you+to+know+wh "Iris" And I'd give up forever to touch you 'Cause I know that you feel me somehow You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be And I don't wanna go home right now And all I can taste is this moment And all I can breathe is your life When sooner or later it's over I just don't wanna miss you tonight And I don't want the world to see me 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming Or the moment of truth in your lies When everything feels like the movies Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive And I don't') AND 2091 IN (SELECT (CHAR(113) CHAR(122) CHAR(113) CHAR(113) CHAR(113) (SELECT (CASE WHEN (2091=2091) THEN CHAR(49) ELSE CHAR(48) END)) CHAR(113) CHAR(118) CHAR(98) CHAR(112) CHAR(113))) AND ('Sskw'='Sskw I+get+so+scared+inside,+and+I+don't+really+understand+Is+it+love+that's+on+my+mind,+or+is+it+fantasy?+++Heaven+Is+in+the+palm+of+my+hand,+and+it's+waiting+here+for+you+What+am+I+supposed+to+do+with+a+childhood+tragedy?+++If+I+close+my+eyes+forever+Will+it+all+remain+unchanged?+If+I+close+my+eyes+forever+Will+it+all+remain+the+same?+++Sometimes+it's+hard+to+hold+on+So+hard+to+hold+on+to+my+dreams+It+isn't+always+what+it+seems+When+you're+face+to+face+with+me+++You're+like+a+dagger+And+stick+me+in+the+heart+And+taste+the+blood+from+my+blade+And+when+we+sleep,+would+you+shelter+me+In+your+warm+and+darkened+grave?+++If+I+close+my+eyes+forever+Will+it+all+remain+unchanged?+If+I+close+my+eyes+forever+Will+it+all+remain+the+same?+++Will+you+ever+take+me?+++No,+I+just+can't+take+the+pain+++But+would+you+ever+trust+me?+++No,+I'll+never+feel+the+same,+Oh+++I+know+I've+been+so+hard+on+you+I+know+I've+told+you+lies+If+I+could+have+just+one+more+w Baby+don't,+baby+don't+Baby+don't+lie+I+don't+wanna+cry+no+longer+Baby+don't,+baby+don't+Baby+don't+lie+I'mma+need+a+love+that's+stronger+I+tell+you+know,+I+tell+you+know+I+tell+you+know,+why+Know,+why+If+you+ever+give+up,+then+we're+gonna+die+Now+we're+in+the+out,+baby+don't+lieLean+on I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy? Heaven Is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy? If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain the same? Sometimes it's hard to hold on So hard to hold on to my dreams It isn't always what it seems When you're face to face with me You're like a dagger And stick me in the heart And taste the blood from my blade And when we sleep, would you shelter me In your warm and darkened grave? If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever Will it all remain the same? Will you ever take me? No, I just can't take the pain But would you ever trust me? No, I'll never feel the same, Oh I know I've been so hard on you I know I've told you lies If I could have just one more w Arf+arf+Yeah,+yeah,+yeah+(Grrrr)+Uh,+Yeah+don't+get+it+twisted+This+rap+shit,+is+mine+Motherfucker,+it's+not,+a+fucking,+game+Fuck+what+you+heard+It's+what+you+hearin+It's+what+you+hearin+(Listen)+It's+what+you+hearin+(Listen)+It's+what+you+hearin+(Listen)+X+gon+give+it+to+ya+Fuck+wait+for+you+to+get+it+on+your+own+X+gon+deliver+to+ya+Knock+knock,+open+up+the+door,+it's+real+Wit+the+non-stop,+pop+pop+and+stainless+steel+Go+hard+gettin+busy+wit+it+But+I+got+such+a+good+heart+I'll+make+a+motherfucker+wonder+if+he+did+it+Damn+right+and+I'll+do+it+again+Cuz+I+am+right+so+I+gots+to+win+Break+break+wit+the+enemy+But+no+matter+how+many+cats+I+break+bread+wit+I'll+break+who+you+sendin+me+You+motherfucker+never+wanted+nothin+But+your+wife+said,+that's+for+the+light+day+I'm+gettin+down,+down+Make+it+say+freeze+But+won't+be+the+one+endin+up+on+his+knees+(Whoo)+Please,+If+the+only+thing+you+cats+did+is+come+out+to+play+Get+out+m Feel+this+moment feel+this+moment