Get it Now, now, get it, now, now, get it, Now, now, now, now, Get it now.

Waking up and I'm sober Angel up on my shoulder Say whatever you want about me but say whatup to a soldier Waited til it was over, Waited til it would start Now staying put in this moment Calling it omens, calling it God It's all gone inna instant, though I'm sorry you missed it I'm the calm the midst of it The next minute I'm the storm in the distance N.O.W. present, present, the present, present Ain't no room for wishing, guessing assessing, stressing Right now don't worry 'bout it Right now don't hurry round from behind she turn around said Right now, nothing dirty 'bout it My future, and my past

I ain't concerned by it My to-do list and my plans think time heard of that shit? The things I missm and the things I wanna, things I should do Shit don't exist What I gonna, or the things I would do.. I won't liem won't pretend, won't promise you Never been this high, on that N.O.W.

Get it Now, now, get it, now, now, get it, Now, now, now, now, Get it now.

From thev starting line, to the finish That little space between a moment ago... and "in a minute" Ain't talking 'bout yesterday, ain't talking 'bout tomorrow I hear the drums and I follow Bring me joy, bring me sorrow 'Bout my future well I don't know much, but I know I'm here right now

(Now) I'm caught in the moment, You catching nostalgiia (Now) Keep talking and hoping Ashes won't matter Every single hot minute give it all I got, driven chilling, roof-top vision watch the planet stop spinning Right now, call my mother and say I love her it can't wait Right now, moving past em now hit the gas pedal, no brakes Right now, tell my girl, you're my moon, you're my sun Girl it's you, you're the one Imma tell the world, tell everyone I got No time for slide-shows No time for them bottles A second ago I was fallinf down but then I rose and I'm flying though I know enough to know I don't really know shit but I know this

My songs is bringing back that hope to the hopeless So never say never, cus only time we got is forever A dull life so I'm shopping for better It's all lies in the end it's a setup It's only opportunities there ain't no obstacles So I hope that soon I reach that N.O.W.

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