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A life like a fairytail (joululevy, 2)

…I am your christmas princess, during the winter like the angel kisses, I am like a snowstorm, bringing sudden love, and crazy french kiss. I can be your christmas doll, give me a candy stick, and glühwine, I just want…

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Hani do you can

…. Honey baby what you gonna do? And how do you do? Baby, baby I just want to you. I want to fuck and screw. And I just want to fuck and screw. And how do you dance? Baby baby be-bob-a-loo-love-loo. Oh my sweet pussycat…

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Sonata Arctica

…next to you, so close to you I have a feeling you don't have the words I found one for you, kissed your cheek, said bye, and walk away Don't look back 'cause I am crying... I remember little things you hardly ever do…

24.94 %
Velvet Ocean

…fall into a sound sleep I feel that I'm safe and calm Forget all that's bleak So let me sleep Don't spoil this time Want to forget Want to be free I walk through the valley alone And I can't hear a sound anymore The child inside me is dead And I can't sleep anymore…

23.65 %
Mc neeger c koululaulu
Mc neeger

…teacher threws at me blood vessel pulses in temple she says "dads demands that you become a doctor" How can i be if im just a little dumb negro Finnish society expects too much from me Tries to get the squirrel to a treadmill…

23.59 %
Just teasing like an angel (joululaulu 4)

…The winter season is on going, we all are waiting for the new year, to start a new loving season. Does it change your winter time, or bring for you the same, or new fun? The new year nails our future, it is hopefully…

23.35 %
The winter sun (joululevy, 1)

…christmas tree and all the gifts for a lifetime. The snow above the hills looks like a farytail, home, like a no other day. It´s time for a party and fun, its time for a love, and a candle light and evening sun. The christmas time is for all of us, its meant to be fun, we all can rest under the winter sun.…

22.75 %
The warrior (joululaulu, 5)

…how-how. I try to be your xmas angel, you come from the different land, the life is like a Roman time game. Its like a catholic teasing, very deep and very teasing. You can reach my soul, you have made us a shelter, its…

21.36 %
If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good

…She got a nasty reputation and a talent for sin She's the kinda trouble I like to be in I wanna be your lover I wanna be your slav She's the kinda women makes me wanna misbehave So give it what you want boy Let's make…

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