Mc neeger c koululaulu

Mc neeger

yo yo yo Monday morning and mom threw me to school On her old bike, she didn't have car Everyone just laughs, while i sat on rear seat School steward comes and beats with a rake First item that comes in hand, the teacher threws at me blood vessel pulses in temple she says "dads demands that you become a doctor" How can i be if im just a little dumb negro Finnish society expects too much from me Tries to get the squirrel to a treadmill and make me a maid They dont understand that me doesnt have to work We get so much refuge that we dont have to tighten the belt Do you finns know even how much we refuge we get

One day i thought how do i make this stop so i wouldnt have to go to school nor work to mess around i started to admire accomplished murderers Kauhajoen Mattia and Jokelan pekka-erikkii Dont have to go to school when go and kill everyone There the idea at the end came Next morning bomb in the bag i went to class C4 wired to explode before lunch Classmates looked why is Jamal smiling They decided by beating him the smile goes away He who laughs last Laughs best, thought lying in the floor after getting beaten Quarter hour until the lunch and i waited it with passion Until teacher decided to go 15 minutes early While eating meatballs, heard a soft explosion That followed with police sirens and schools fire alarm At the station wondered; Jamal what the fuck You tried to get your class killed too Stupid negro your bomb didn't do any damage Said; I speak bad finland let me go Threw the racist card and the cops let me out They feared that a racism charge would follow Got away with it But this is for certain, I will take no bombs from ahmed even though he gives me fucking hell Ahmed

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