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Good or bad relationship

…trees, when I hear from you. We all have had a some kind of a relationship, good or bad, its not easy to feed, if you are sad. You are really above all, everything else. You can do what you want, but it can be lonely…

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Bad King

…libido go, can't you hear the sirens? You and I, you and I and our monastery life Like all the ruthless and pure hate, finds its way to ruin this day. Like the freezing sun and the burning ice, Moses comes and rolls your…

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If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good

…looking for trouble better get it from me So get on your knees boy and do what you should If ya wanna be bad ya gotta be good Let's make a night to remember From January to December Let's make love to excite us A memory…

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Your own moods
Piia Myyry

…, and health care, seen to be a long queue, in the hospitals and social lifes, you must have done, it all yourself, new deceases and lines. You are between all the goods, the treatment is bad, you see it everewhere…

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I Am
Bad King

…something in me that wants to be good, wants to burn and put a spell on you. You gotta go on as long as you live, you've been fighting too. I am what I am, I am what I am. But who I am - who I really am. x2…

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Bad Company
Doctrine Wavers

…out I’m escaping from life I managed to build. Soul fights for surviving, I’d really need someone’s helping hand. I leave myself alone. I hide from myself. I need some bad company I need to hurry now. Come to my scene…

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Eye to Eye
Bad King

…- eye to eye closely. You and me downtown girl - I've been lonely. For pleasure now I am, telling you to love me! You and me downtown girl, the bad king is talking. Scared eyes, shaky hands - hoping to die. Tries to

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Bad mood (pop)
Piia Myyry

…walk, its all your own relatives, you really are not nice, i have seen better people. You really have your clother on every morging, you go nowhere, go round the street and talk, to your friends, nobody wants to see you, you have divorces meny times, you really have bad mood,…

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Good Times
Satin Circus

…Looking for good times Chasing the sunrise Living the fun nights Looking for you And the good times too I don't know what to do What is your point of view of me and you? I really got no clue Until the break of dawn We're…

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