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Bad King

…pathetic life is a guide for everything. Shoot me! Act like a human! Turn the world upside down! Too easy to rise, too hard to fall, the famous one last call. I wanted revelation, you gave me devastation. My love is your…

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Eye to Eye
Bad King

…- eye to eye closely. You and me downtown girl - I've been lonely. For pleasure now I am, telling you to love me! You and me downtown girl, the bad king is talking. Scared eyes, shaky hands - hoping to die. Tries to

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Dancing Naked
Bad King

…Why should I forget? I choose my life instead! Tried to come home early, Clearly I remember the footprints she left on the sand. Led up to the hills, maybe passion, sense and the flowers in her hair. Oh how much I love…

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Drops of Rain
Bad King

…Girl was on her way to find her lover. God in his fear reveals his cover. Down on her knees and begs him to stay! Down on her knees, it makes her tired and turns blue. I wanna feel'em on your skin. The drops of rain…

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Bad King

…that I'm too drunk to take you home for the night. So I drink some more and wait for your sign. Oh my midnight star. One Tequila, please. Oh ain't that something, ain't that something? One Sex on the Beach, for that…

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Bad King

…libido go, can't you hear the sirens? You and I, you and I and our monastery life Like all the ruthless and pure hate, finds its way to ruin this day. Like the freezing sun and the burning ice, Moses comes and rolls your…

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Bad King

…Endless fighting and all the seeking and hiding, now we're alone, all alone. When day is dawning, our wounds are pouring evil blood. Just let me hold ya. I never said it would be easy to feel. I never said it would be…

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I Am
Bad King

…, I've been fighting too. I am what I am, I am what I am. But who I am - who I really am. x2 When the life end, is there a place between heaven and hell? I won't die yet, I've got more little stories to tell. There's…

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Bad King

…Now he knows that its about faith, not about losers getting paid. Waiting for tomorrow. Counting his money, ready to play. Hoping that God will come and save. Waiting for tomorrow. It’s hot - he makes the moves of…

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