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…Make me wonder Make me understand Spark the light of doubt and a newborn mind Bring the vast unthinkable down to earth Always wary of a captive thought Beware the very first unkind word See who you are, where from…

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Turn Loose the Mermaids

…warmed your toes In the horizon I see them coming for you The mermaid grace, the forever call Beauty in spyglass on an old man's porch The mermaids you turned loose brought back your tears At the end of the river the

76.63 %
Shudder Before The Beautiful

The deepest solace lies in understanding, This ancient unseen stream, A shudder before the beautiful Awake, oceanborn Behold this force Bring the outside in Explode the self to epiphany The very core of life The

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Whoever Brings the Night

…You one-night butterfly Hurt me, be the one Whoever brings the night Choose a bride Tonight a fantasy for a zombie Hurt me, I love to suffer Your harem's a dream for free Enter Suck from us and live forever Rotten…

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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…Matter where you are yeah I Will always be around I'll always be around he said When you're lonely, lonely for somebody Look up to the sky I'll be shining bright Watching over you And when you need me you ain't gotta…

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Diving Deep
Nylon Beat

…and sirens Witness the silence When we're diving deep Like flying forever We're breathing together As we're diving deep The waves under water Will bring us much deeper When make love to me We're diving deep Diving so deep The reef makes it shadows As two floating lovers Make love under seas We're diving deep Diving so deep…

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The Islander

…An old man by a seashore at the end of day Gazes the horizon with seawinds in his face Tempest-tossed island seasons all the same Anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name Sea without a shore for the banished one…

56.87 %
Ghost Love Score

the waking of the world Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you My love will be in you If you be the one to cut me I will bleed forever I will bleed forever Into the blue memory A siren from the

50.10 %
Slaying the Dreamer

…heart And drag me into sunlight (So awake) For your greed As you're slaying the dreamer Swansong, for the Wish of Night God it hurts, give a name to the pain Our primrose path to hell is growing weed (Put a stake) Through…

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