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God Of Wind

…Let me tell you a story Story of a man Who wants to be a god God of the wind He dressed to brown Brown leather clothes He used a bone mace And ate mushrooms He lived in the woods There trees are huge Only friends were…

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The Funeral Of Hearts

…, The Funeral Of Hearts And a plea for mercy, When love is a gun Separating me from you. She was the wind carrying in All the troubles and fears You've for years tried to forget, He was the fire Restless and wild and you…

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Crows Bring The Spring

…flames Bring warmth with crows Reveals stones from the snow You can see the snow On the mountain tops And brook's to the sea Soon sun rises over the hills [Chorus:] Endless sky, burning red Purple clouds touch the top of the mountain And in the wind, I hear those crows They will bring the spring And take the cold away…

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Out Of The Ashes

…Once a wolf in wilderness Now caged in darkness Once a child of the wind Flame burning inside, eyes open wide Betrayed by my own kind Displayed in a cage like my father One day I will break all the chains and my heart…

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I Am The Storm

…pain Now you are the ship lost at sea and I'm the storm I've arrived like a tempest of hate, raging You shall learn you will pay for for your sins and you learn All you live will burn I am the wind, I am the rain I am the anger, I'm the pain Like ire of the oceans I reign over thee My siren of vengeance show me the way…

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Children Of Frost

…sky's falling up The wind wraps itself with my lungs The sea that we saw was a desert of snowfall The children of frost marched into the deadly dawn In their great awe they found an old seesaw And as they got on, the

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The Heart Asks Pleasure First

…Silent night surrounding me On the shore of wistful sea A kindest heart made me believe The world as I wish it to be Wind in the wheat Kiss by a hearth Little hideaways for a lonely heart Passed away in beauty’s doom…

64.63 %
On the Wing

…Somebody told me to shit on the wing On the edge of concentrated life the void:,:…

59.75 %
Beauty & The Beast (Live)

…Remember the first dance we shared? Recall the night you melted my uglyness away? The night you left with a kiss so kind Only a scent of beauty left behind Ah, dear friend I remember the night The moon and the dreams…

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