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Goblins' Dance

…The works of Dreaming evil, and the joy of unholiness No soul was left alone, in the mayhem of the human race "Hahahahaa!!!, Let us joy, Let us dance!!!" So they danced their macabre dances From the three ascending moons, moonshine was spilling onto the ground, Gruesome trophies were all around, In the halls of the Goblin King…

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…I see you turn your back on life again And I see your stumbling down worked smooth again I feel despair kissing our lips again I feel despair holding our hearts again You hear me crying behind your back again You hear…

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Money dance

…Mä pommitan mersulla enkä aja mitään audii Haluun nähä girl kun sä oot niin bad do the dance do the dance do the moneydance…

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Falling Again
Hanna Pakarinen

…On the ground I'm all lost Now I'm falling to pieces again I can't sleep I can't breathe You're the only one that makes me weak Like memories you are fading away.. I can see I can feel I'm all lost and now I'm falling…

43.78 %
Alive Again
Jarkko Niemi

…danger you've better run far, while you can and I Said hey sweet baby, you're a broken angel let's dry our tears and make our dreams alive again I met this girl last night she had a golden hair and the bluest eyes taking day…

37.67 %
Over and over again
Piia Myyry

…the power in these fields, you like to show how you work, but your mind is weak, all the leak goes out to humans, you break peoples bones, like Nerå old times. You all like your glassy lifes, your dick is your love, it breaks your life, its all the time the same game, you want to see the look, over and over again.…

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You got your chance

…later you can be a charming man but you broke my heart you can only do it once You killed our love and you'll never ever hurt me again You got your chance You lost your chance You will never find me I will disappear from your life You got your chance You lost your chance You will never find me I will disappear from your life…

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Rendezvous With Anus

…Walk the streets what do I see Shit on legs approaching me Alright, I really want it Oh yeah, I gotta have it Come on baby lets dance again Jerk that head and be my friend Merging Zeus and Spartacus In ren-ren-ren-ren…

29.62 %
Bum Bum Bum [Regular Dance Mix]
Jari Sillanpää
28.93 %
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