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Dancing Naked
Bad King

…Why should I forget? I choose my life instead! Tried to come home early, Clearly I remember the footprints she left on the sand. Led up to the hills, maybe passion, sense and the flowers in her hair. Oh how much I love…

100.00 %
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean

…A snowy owl above the haunted waters Poet of ancient gods Cries to tell the neverending story Prophecy of becoming floods An aura of mystery surrounds her The lady in brightest white Soon the incarnate shall be born…

75.42 %
Dark Light

…Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries The poisoned tears of a life denied In the raven-black night Holding hands with... Dark light Come shine in her lost heart tonight And blind All fears that haunt her…

72.94 %
Before The Morning Sun

…Down, in the forest path When the night comes closer Air's full of magic When, elfgirls dancing Dancing in the circle I watch them from the bushes Down, in the forest path When night comes closer When the sun goes down Once, once again I will try to sleep Before the morning sun…

70.55 %
Precious Dark

…There's a place I don't want you to know of Hidden deep in a blindfolded heart - Where the desperate walk in silence, Waiting for the ghosts to depart There's a game I don't want you to know of Masquerade, Cirque du…

67.85 %
Dark Chest of Wonders

…chest once more Dark chest of wonders Seen through the eyes Of the one with pure heart Once so long ago The one in the Big Blue is what the world stole from me This night will bring him back to me Fly to a dream Far…

67.33 %
Endless Dark

…Softly the light shines in through Gates of grace on me and you Deceiving our restless hearts A flickering flame so serene Devours the night so we could see The fear we hold on to so strong But I know where I belong…

66.33 %
Dark Secret Love

…is cruel as the grave. The coals thereof are coals of fire, Which hath a most vehement flame. I love you - I love you For a moment the world turns its back And you let me come closer Though the hearts touched with joy Our 666 has got a name We burn in its flames again and again What is it our dark sekret love?…

61.86 %
Touch In The Night
Battle Beast

…horrendous emptyness inside Can you help me? I wanna feel your touch in the Night Unpure is my dark delight What a lustful sight before these eyes, oh darling? I'm gonna feel the wrath of the king 'Coz touching you was a…

61.81 %
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