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Keep playing dead

…I'm amazed what I've become I won't leave a trace, when I leave this place I will clear up Though I didn't even kill a fly I knew that you were wrong But I agree to disagree so easily I didn't feel like fighting 'bout…

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Dead Gardens

…The story behind the painting I drew is already told No more tearstains on the pages of my diary Tired but unable to give up since I'm Responsible for the lives I saved The play is done (The play is done) The curtain's…

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New day rising
Von Hertzen Brothers

…rainy day 'Cause nothing here has value anymore Oh no When the candle is burning out And I've got nothing left to save but my soul New York is changing I will be okay 'Cause we can't turn the wheel to the past To fix…

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Play Dead

…A moth into a butterfly and a lie into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try to call your name, but I'm silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And in the heart of…

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Dead to the World

…again Weaving the cloth, giving birth to the Century Child Who gave his life not for the world but for me Innocence reborn once more Heaven queen, carry me Away from all pain All the same take me away We're dead to the…

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Treacherous Gods

…and felt all its pain and loneliness The beautiful land opened before my eyes wild as a beast I ran into the night The Calling Of The Howling Wind Is Raging In The Realms Of North Creations Of Ice Rising Mighty Into The…

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Sea Of Dreams
Battle Beast

…I, I still remember the feeling deep divine But time has stolen my love for you Oh Angel, my beauty in white The kiss of death is all I need Set me free from the night To a place without a name Wake me up from the Sea…

50.22 %
Dead Lovers' Lane

…Despair has a face and all these wounds remain unhealed Blessed to kill and enslaved are all hearts around love's will Thrilled to start all over again Crawl down Dead Lovers' Lane The maze of memories stained And suck…

41.10 %
Dead By X-Mas
Hanoi Rocks

…Friday is the 13th, so to 24th is not so long to go Though my face don't show My temperature is gettin' too-o low I've seen it all in a dream I know just how it's gonna feel Like not to be alive anymore I'll be dead by…

41.10 %
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