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Play Dead

…this autumn, I fall With the leaves from the trees I play dead To hide my heart Until the world, gone dark, fades away I cry like God cries the rain and I'm just one step away from the end of today I see the reasons…

90.40 %
Dead Lovers' Lane

…Despair has a face and all these wounds remain unhealed Blessed to kill and enslaved are all hearts around love's will Thrilled to start all over again Crawl down Dead Lovers' Lane The maze of memories stained And suck…

57.49 %
Numa numa (finland version)
51.70 %
Dead Gardens

…down "Where are the wolves, the underwater moon The elvenpath, the haven of youth Lagoons of the starlit sea Have I felt enough for one man's deed? Or is it time to challenge the Ancient of Days And let the virgin…

50.40 %
Keep playing dead

…I'll be gone No one will argue if I leave it unsaid And no one will see me if I keep playing dead I'm black when it's dark and I'm white when it's snowing I stand back when they call for the volunteers to step in I sleep…

44.65 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

…The end. The songwriter's dead. The blade fell upon him Taking him to the white lands Of Empathica Of Innocence Empathica Innocence The dreamer and the wine Poet without a rhyme A widowed writer torn apart by chains…

44.18 %
Dead By X-Mas
Hanoi Rocks

…You'll Lay beside me in our family grave We'll be making love eternally, In a spiritual way We'll be dead by X-mas now anyway We'll sell everything away Dead by X-mas, dead and gone X'mas is forever We got a life to live, a life after death....…

40.71 %
Dead to the World

…All the same take me away We're dead to the world The child gave thought to the poet's words Gave comfort to the Fallen (Heartfelt, lovelorn) Remaining, yet still uninvited Those words scented my soul (Lonely soul…

40.43 %
Beginning Of The End

…Your world is coming to it's end But you don't have to be afraid - I'm here for you Save your happiness for tomorrow And today we'll drown in your tears A drop of your blood tastes like wine today Come closer my dear

36.44 %
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