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Ghost River

…take your only child He will go down he will drown drown deeper down The mills grind slow in a riverbed ghost town He will go down he will drown drown, deeper down The river wild will take your only child He will go down…

100.00 %
Ghost Brigade
89.49 %
Ghost Love Score
82.91 %

…I'm keeping your memory in my head And your ghost lies next to me in my bed And I know I'm alive But my heart keeps pumping out of time And I keep checking my phone for a sign kertosäe: Baby I'm lost I lost my way Baby…

33.44 %

…I'm giving up the ghost of love into the shadows cast on devotion She is the one that I adore creed of my silent suffocation Break this bittersweet spell on me lost in the arms of destiny Bittersweet I won't give up…

17.99 %
The Islander

…universe Now his love's a memory a ghost in the fog He sets the sails one last time saying farewell to the world Anchor to the water, seabed far below Grass still in his feet and a smile beneath his brow This is for long…

13.82 %
Like St. Valentine

…keep a lie alive Like Saint Valentine Like the couple from Pompeii Our drama is put on display Along with a dove stuffed in a coffin of glass Entitled, "Love, lust, and the Holy Ghost" Those were the days Love is the only war worth dying for Lift me up to knock me down I'm all yours For now…

13.07 %
All That Great Heart Lying Still

…The nightingale is still locked in the cage The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs An old oak sheltering me from the blue Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves A catnap in the ghost town of my heart She dreams…

11.10 %
7 Days to the Wolves

…fire, feast Chase the ghost, give in Take the road less travelled by Leave the city of fools Turn every poet loose Howl! 7 days to the wolves Where will we be when they come 7 days to the poison And a place in Heaven…

9.56 %
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